Supernatural Re-watch Ramblings - Phantom Traveller

My wonderful friend @my-sherlock221b has delved deep into this episode and has come up with pure pearls and true nuggets of information in a thoughtful and thorough review, which I have linked above.
Rewatching this episode reminds me of the essential reasons that converted me into a hardcore fan first and a Wincest shipper later.
Singer continues with Manners' trend of showcasing our boys in stunning shots. Just look at the visual beauty!

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My main hook into the show was Jensen Ackles with his flawless looks, his sexy smolders and his brilliant, understated acting nuances.

Also excellent comedic timing and being unafraid to mess up his pretty looks!

While I loved Sam right from the very first scene, I had overlooked Jared's sublime talent in my first time watching, as he tends to get overshadowed by Jensen. I'm trying to rectify that now! Jensen's Dean wouldn't be so alluring without Jared's sensitivity and his astuteness of Sam's reactions to Dean. We also get my favourite BADASS Sam in this episode.

He sees his brother floundering and gently takes control - showing concern calming him down, conveying the urgency to Amanda, finding the exorcism, reciting it despite the shocking blow he receives from the demon, and finishing it off with that triumphant glower!

This episode also has a wealth of wonderful Wincest. There's the lack of personal boundaries, the significant looks and the long lingering looks.
How to look at your brother - Wincest edition - Season 1, Part 2!

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Supernatural Re-Watch — Dead in Water

Continuing with my companion piece to our Re-watch Ramblings...

This is a longish post accompanying the comprehensive and excellent review by @my-sherlock221b (linked above)

This episode is full of beauty and vulnerability. To quote Sheila O'Malley (article linked below) - "This is Kim Manners and cinematographer Serge Ladouceur at their very best." The grays and blacks and almost monochromatic shots brilliantly capture the ominous bleakness and the horror.

Beautiful haunting shots
Beautiful haunting shots
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Spn re-watch and meta

A friend and I have started our Supernatural re-watch and have begun to post brief reviews and pic posts on Tumblr. I am attaching links for Pilot and 1X02 Wendigo.
Warning: We're Wincest and J2 shippers so there will be lots of allusions to that.

Re-watch Ramblings: Pilot

Re-watch Ramblings - Wendigo

Wendigo Picpost